Arizona’s healthcare is failing us.


Arizonans are getting fed up. Voters here ranked healthcare as the number one issue in 2018, yet politicians and big healthcare corporations aren’t doing enough to fix our healthcare problems.

Patient care is suffering

In 2019, the federal government penalized fifteen Arizona hospitals for patient safety issues, including hospital-acquired infections such as the dangerous “super-bug” MRSA. Three of those facilities have been penalized each of the last five years.

Access to care is only getting worse as the population continues to grow and age. Arizona ranks 44th in the country for having the fewest number of primary care physicians, leaving almost three million residents struggling to find a doctor.

We don’t have enough healthcare workers

Wages for frontline healthcare workers are low and stagnant, causing workers to leave the state. For example, technicians in neighboring Nevada earn at least 10% more than their Arizona counterparts.

Lack of staff requires healthcare workers to do more with less, shortchanging patients of the time and attention they deserve and resulting in high stress and burnout for caregivers.

Rising healthcare costs are leaving families behind

Families face increasing uncertainty about insurance coverage, including uncontrollable costs and questions about whether people with pre-existing conditions will continue to be protected.

We are coming together to improve Arizona’s healthcare system.

We’re taking things into our own hands to make healthcare better in Arizona now – so that all Arizonans have accessible, affordable, high-quality care provided by respected, valued caregivers. We are building a unique, grassroots organization that brings together healthcare consumers, patients, and workers from inside the healthcare system to:

  • Empower each other to advocate for a safe, fair, and quality healthcare experience; and
  • Work directly with voters to qualify and pass ballot initiatives to fix our state’s biggest healthcare problems.

Our values set us apart:

Challenge the status quo

The current healthcare system is failing us. We choose to embrace the conflict. Too much is at stake for us not to.


We believe the people directly affected by the healthcare problems in our state are the best people to stand up and fix those problems.


We can either be victims or we can change our future. We choose to put our faith in the ability of everyday people to take responsibility and accomplish extraordinary things.


It is only by working together that we can find solutions to the problems that face us as healthcare workers, patients, and consumers.


We are open to ideas and challenges that will help us reach our goals.


We believe people deserve to be told the truth. For far too long, we’ve been kept in the dark about our healthcare system. We are 100% funded by healthcare workers and patients and don’t take a single dollar from the healthcare industry.

Results for the Many

We are committed to delivering results for the greatest number of Arizonans.