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We are Healthcare Rising

The leading voice for strengthening Arizona’s healthcare system

We fight for the rights and protections of healthcare workers and patients across the state. We bring together the voices of everyone who is impacted by our healthcare system and use our collective power to push for real policy change to make our healthcare system better.

A doctor wearing a face covering and face shield visits a patient's home and listens to the patient while holding their shoulder
A diverse group of women hold signs to raise awareness at an indoor meeting
A patient in a wheelchair shares a laugh with a medical staff member
A group of medical staff members wearing protective medical gear wrap their arms around each other

Standing up for healthcare workers

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Arizona’s healthcare workers were not getting the pay or protections they deserve. Healthcare Rising fights for hard-earned benefits for Arizona’s healthcare and hospital workers, including better pay and the Healthcare Workers’ Bill of Rights.

We know that top-quality patient care relies on the people who work in our healthcare system. When healthcare workers get the respect and compensation they deserve, patients benefit. By joining together with other healthcare workers, contributors to Healthcare Rising are making their voices heard and pushing Arizona lawmakers to support the people who directly serve patients — and strengthen our healthcare system as whole.

Protecting Arizona patients

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed long-standing issues in our healthcare system. From devastating surprise bills to hospital safety issues, healthcare isn’t working for many Arizonans. That’s why Healthcare Rising is fighting to put the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act on the ballot in 2022.

A medical staff member wearing a face covering safely prepares by putting on gloves
A nurse discusses medical plans with a patient during a home visit

Reducing healthcare costs

Healthcare shouldn’t be out of reach for Arizona patients. Even for those with insurance, healthcare costs are too high and burdensome medical debt too common. Healthcare Rising fights for more affordable healthcare and the rights of Arizona patients. We want an end to devastating surprise bills and protections for Arizonans with debt, so that no Arizona family is bankrupted by the cost of care.