Now is the time to improve Arizona’s healthcare and support our healthcare workers.

Time is running out! June is the last month to collect signatures for the petition to strengthen healthcare this November. If you think improving the quality of healthcare in Arizona is important, you can join your neighbors and healthcare workers by taking the Arizona Healthcare Challenge today. We can show you how to safely and easily collect five or more signatures from family members on petitions.

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Take the Arizona Healthcare Challenge

YES! I’m ready to take the Arizona Healthcare Challenge to let voters decide on improving healthcare in our state.

What is the Arizona Healthcare Challenge?

Healthcare workers urgently need your help gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that improves healthcare for all Arizonans by:
  • Strengthening infection control in hospitals to stop dangerous outbreaks.
  • Protecting patients with pre-existing conditions so everyone has access to life-saving care.
  • Ending surprise bills to keep healthcare affordable for everyone.
  • Adequately paying the hospital workers we rely on so we can recruit and retain the best health professionals.
But we only have until the end of the month to get this vital initiative on the November ballot. Take the Arizona Healthcare Challenge to strengthen healthcare and infection control in Arizona. The Challenge is simple:
  • We still need Arizonans like you…
  • To safely collect 5 signatures each…
  • To put healthcare improvements on the ballot…
  • For 7 million people in our state.
By taking this quick and easy step you can help make a tremendous difference for patients, for families and for Arizona’s dedicated healthcare workers.