Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, putting their own health at risk to treat patients around the clock. Healthcare workers are uniting with patients and consumers in Healthcare Rising Arizona to call on Arizona’s hospitals to immediately adopt three key security and safety measures to protect workers and the public from the coronavirus.

1. Tighten access to hospitals by designating a limited number of specific entryways so people who have the coronavirus or are contagious are not entering hospitals unknown to hospital staff and moving around without being screened.

2. Screen everyone who comes to the hospital for coronavirus, either immediately when they enter the hospital or outside.

3. Provide masks and isolate if possible anyone exhibiting symptoms of the virus.

These measures will provide a safer environment for everyone and help ensure the maximum number of healthcare workers are healthy and available to treat a growing number of coronavirus cases.

Preparedness Checklist for Hospitals and Healthcare Workers

Surge Checklist for Hospitals and Healthcare Workers

Resource List for Healthcare Workers and Others During the Pandemic