Stop Surprise Billing and Protect Patients Act

One of our first steps towards better healthcare for all Arizonans is the Stop Surprise Billing and Protect Patients Act which we are working to get on the ballot in November, so that voters can make the choice to improve healthcare in our state. See full text of the ballot initiative from the Arizona Secretary of State.

The Stop Surprise Billing and Protect Patients Act, would do four things:

Stops surprise billing

It protects Arizonans against surprise medical bills from out-of-network providers, in cases of emergency, ambulance transportation, and requires refunds if patients are overcharged.

Reduces hospital acquired infections

It improves patient safety by requiring private hospitals to meet national standards for hospital-acquired infections, and gives the state Department of Health Services the authority to impose civil penalties if hospitals fail to meet those standards.

Ensures we have skilled healthcare workers

It stabilizes and improves our hospitals by providing direct-care hospital workers a five percent wage increase each year for four years to lower turnover and ensure that the people who take care of us can take care of their own families. This includes but is not limited to nurses, aides, technicians, janitorial and housekeeping staff, social workers, and non-managerial administrative staff.

Protects people with pre-existing conditions

It bans discrimination against patients based on pre-existing conditions so people in Arizona can get the life-saving care they need and insurance companies cannot deny them coverage or charge them outrageous premiums and co-pays.

Join the movement

Together we can create change. Join us so all Arizonans have access to affordable, quality care provided by respected and valued caregivers.

Let's fix our healthcare system.