Help Us End Predatory Debt

Too many Arizonans are suffering because of emergency medical debt and predatory debt collection practices.

Arizona families can lose their homes, cars, and wages to predatory debt collectors — even when they have done everything right. No one in our community should struggle to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads, especially not because of a surprise medical emergency. Right now, debt devastates Arizona families — but we have a chance to change that. 

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The Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act fixes the problem by:

  • Protecting more homes from being seized, so families in debt don’t end up homeless
  • Protecting more family cars, so people in debt can still make a living
  • Strengthening protections for paychecks, so debtors can still make ends meet
  • Limiting the interest rate on medical bills, so families aren’t trapped into unending debt

Take action today to protect Arizona consumers. Support the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act.