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Arizonans for Medical Debt Relief

Whether insured or uninsured – medical debt affects too many Arizonans and current law does little to protect us.

Arizonans with medical debt should not have to lose their home, car, wages, and necessary possessions to creditors. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to lose jobs and wages while increasing the need for medical care, now is the time to protect Arizona consumers.

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SB1796 would improve protections for Arizona consumers by increasing the amount of consumer assets protected:

  • A primary residence of any value is protected from creditors
  • Up to $15,000 of household goods are protected
  • Autos worth up to $15,000 are protected
  • Increases the value of disabled drivers’ autos protected from creditors to $25,000, regardless of the type of debt
  • In addition, in cases of medical debt, amounts held in bank accounts up to $3,000 cannot be seized by creditors, and wage garnishments are limited to 10 percent of disposable earnings or the amount by which weekly earnings exceed 60 times the minimum wage, whichever is less.

Medical debt is often out of a person’s control and can be detrimental to a household’s finances. We should be able to look after our health without losing our livelihood.