Our Team

Statewide Field Coordinator

I have twenty years of experience in community organizing,and creating member participant led organizations. I am an art historian by training, and community organizer by love.

Fun Fact: “Mammas” is my German Shepard and I enjoy traveling, and going on long road trips.

A photo of Crystal Carrillo

Community Organizer

I became a healthcare activist after losing my insurance in college and being unable to receive mental health services as a first generation college student. Since then, I have been fighting to make sure everyone can get the healthcare they need.

Fun Fact: Alongside my partner, I care for 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 tarantulas, 2 lizards, 1 tortoise, and many fish.

A photo of Amanda Villa

Community Organizer

I am a first generation Mexican-American and native Arizonan. I have worked on campaigns to raise the minimum wage, fund early childhood education, and protect the Affordable Care Act.

Fun Fact: I rescue Pitbulls because they get a bad rap but are truly sweet, loveable goofballs.

A photo of Carly Gadberry

Community Organizer

I worked as a campaign manager for a legislative campaign. Looking for new terrain, I came to Arizona where I found healthcare was an issue that needed fixing.

Fun Fact: I love to go out to a karaoke bar. Singing is a not-so-secret passion.

A photo of Celina Washburn

Community Organizer

I’ve always enjoyed uniting people to fight for a cause. In college, I organized to help alleviate farmworker poverty. I was also an organizer in Texas and in California helping hospital workers to raise workplace standards.

Fun Fact: I love camping adventures, hiking, cooking, board games, and gardening.

A photo of Amanda Villa

Community Organizer

I’ve worked in 11 states on different political, public interest, and environmental campaigns, and am passionate about reforming the healthcare system.

Fun Fact: I passed my driving test with the emergency brake up.

Community Organizer

I am Navajo and Zuni and originally worked in cultural teaching in the hopes to move to teaching sustainable living methods and techniques utilizing precolonial indigenous practices. Then realizing the representation needed for indigenous people as well as environmental protection led me to organizing to ensure that we maintain the ability to have our voices heard through preserving democracy. As well as protecting Arizonans in what ways I was gifted to help.

Fun Fact: As a lover of new cultures and trying new foods. I’m knowledgeable of at least a few handfuls of words in around 18 languages — at least enough to grab a bite or make a friend.