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LISBETH ESPINOSA, Field Coordinator

I have twenty years of experience in community organizing,and creating member participant led organizations. I am an art historian by training, and community organizer by love. 

Fun Fact: “Mammas” is my German Shepard and I enjoy traveling, and going on long road trips. 


I became a healthcare activist after losing my insurance in college and being unable to receive mental health services as a first generation college student. Since then, I have been fighting to make sure everyone can get the healthcare they need.

Fun Fact: Alongside my partner, I care for 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 tarantulas, 2 lizards, 1 tortoise, and many fish.


I am a first generation Mexican-American and native Arizonan. I have worked on campaigns to raise the minimum wage, fund early childhood education, and protect the Affordable Care Act.

Fun Fact: I rescue Pitbulls because they get a bad rap but are truly sweet, loveable goofballs.


I worked as a campaign manager for a legislative campaign. Looking for new terrain, I came to Arizona where I found healthcare was an issue that needed fixing.

Fun Fact: I love to go out to a karaoke bar. Singing is a not-so-secret passion.


I’ve always enjoyed uniting people to fight for a cause. In college, I organized to help alleviate farmworker poverty. I was also an organizer in Texas and in California helping hospital workers to raise workplace standards.

Fun Fact: I love camping adventures, hiking, cooking, board games, and gardening.