Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthcare Rising Arizona?

Healthcare Rising Arizona is a nonpartisan membership organization of everyday Arizonans taking leadership in our communities to fix Arizona’s broken healthcare system. We are patients and caregivers, family, friends, and neighbors – all dedicated to improving the standard of health and living in our state.

Healthcare Rising Arizona has over 2,000 dues-paying members throughout the state. Our membership includes people across the political spectrum, students, retirees, veterans, healthcare workers, teachers, patients with chronic conditions, and more. Together, we empower each other to advocate for a safe, fair, and quality healthcare experience through passing citizen initiatives at the ballot box, taking direct action, and winning legislation in the state government.

How do I join Healthcare Rising Arizona?

Anyone can sign up to become a member of Healthcare Rising by contributing dues to the organization. Dues can be paid on a one-time basis, or ideally monthly or annually, in order to sustain our work long term. With independent funding paid for by Arizonans, we can ensure our movement is in it for the long haul. Click here to contribute and join us!

What does it mean to be a member of Healthcare Rising Arizona? What does it entail?

Anyone who contributes dues to Healthcare Rising is considered a member, and members are free to determine the scale of their involvement in Healthcare Rising beyond that – doing as much work or as little work as we are able. But we aspire to see all our members become leaders in our communities by contributing time to our effort to fix Healthcare in Arizona. That could mean helping gather signatures for a ballot initiative, attending an event, posting about Healthcare Rising work on social media, advocating for healthcare legislation, and more. Click here to see Healthcare Rising members in action!

Why is Healthcare Rising focused on ballot initiatives?
If we relied exclusively on the traditional means of pushing our elected officials to pass laws to benefit Arizonans, we would never see the change Arizonans desperately need. We get stuff done when our politicians cannot (or will not) do the work to fix our broken healthcare system, and sometimes that means taking matters into our own hands and working to get citizen initiatives on the ballot. That’s just how Arizonans do things.
How do I get plugged into the work of Healthcare Rising?

You can click here to fill out an interest form or sign up to become a member here, and an organizer will be in touch with you about how you can get involved. You can also see our calendar here to sign up for events near you. We’d love to meet you! Contact us at if you have additional questions about how to get involved.

Join us. Rise for healthcare.