Members in Action

Our power comes from our members on the ground across Arizona. Healthcare Rising members are not just donors to a cause we care about — we contribute to the work of the organization through actions both big and small. It is only through the actions of ordinary people coming together on scale that we believe we can win real change. Below, you can see just some of the meaningful ways our members contribute to our effort to #FixHealthcare, and if you want to get involved, click here to join us!

Healthcare Hubs

Healthcare Rising leaders are a presence in communities across Arizona, hosting ‘Healthcare Hubs’ to meet our neighbors and help them take action to fix healthcare. We’ve hosted Healthcare Hubs at libraries, churches, parks, and even our own yards. These Hubs are a place where you can connect with our campaigns — like signing our latest petition to fix healthcare in our state — or share your experience with the healthcare system. The more Hubs we have across Arizona, the more people we can connect with — and the more power we have to make real change.

Story Collection

One of the most important actions that Healthcare Rising members take is collecting stories from our neighbors across the state. Sharing our stories can help bring to light the real life consequences of the problems facing Arizonans in getting affordable, accessible, quality healthcare — and will make the case for fixing healthcare in Arizona.

Healthcare Rising Ambassadors

Engaging with our political system is one essential part of our plan to fix healthcare. Members rely on each other to stay civically engaged and track what is happening at our state legislature so we can take action to support or oppose bills that impact our mission. Our team of members who are dedicated to this work are called Healthcare Rising Ambassadors. Together, they regularly meet with legislators at the Capitol and inform the rest of our membership about political developments in the state.


One of the primary ways that we work to fix Arizona’s broken healthcare system is through passing citizen initiatives at the ballot box. In order to qualify initiatives for the ballot, each completed petition signed by registered Arizona voters must also be signed by a Notary Public. To ensure we can work as independently and effectively as possible, leaders in Healthcare Rising get certified as Notaries to fulfill this essential part of the ballot initiative process.

Members in Office

Healthcare Rising members are not only leaders in our communities, but many are elected to political office. We’re proud to call the following leaders members of Healthcare Rising:

Kris Mayes, Attorney General

Adrian Fontes, Secretary of State

Andres Cano, Democratic House Leader, LD 20

Christine Marsh, State Senate LD 4

Eva Burch, State Senate LD 9

Mitzi Epstein, State Senate LD 12
Rosanna Gabaldon, State Senate LD 21

Anna Hernandez, State Senate LD 24

Flavio Bravo, State House LD 26

Judy Schwiebert, State House LD 2

Amish Shah, State House LD 5

Mae Peshlakai, State House LD 6

Melody Hernandez, State House LD 8

Seth Blattman, State House LD 9

Lorena Austin, State House LD 9

Oscar De Los Santos, State House LD 11

Stacy Travers, State House LD 12

Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, State House LD 21

Leezah Sun, State House LD 22

Analise Ortiz, State House LD 24

Cesar Aguilar, State House LD 26

Ylenia Aguilar, Central Arizona Water Conservation District

Ben Graff, Central Arizona Water Conservation District

Francisco Heredia, Vice Mayor of City of Mesa
Jenn Duff, District 4, Councilmember City of Mesa
Jamie Aldama, Councilmember, City of Glendale
Paul Cunningham, Councilmember, City of Tucson
Tammy Quist, President, Florence Unified School District Governing Board

Christian Solorio, Alhambra Elementary School Board

Matt Kopec, Amphi School Board

Amanda Steele, Tempe Unified High School District Board

Kyle Clayton, Washington Elementary School District Board

Tamillia Valenzuela, Washington Elementary School District Board

Patti Serrano, Chandler Unified School District Board

Sophia Carrillo Dahl, Creighton School District

Kerry Baker, Paradise Valley School Board

Devin Del Palacio, Tolleson UHSD Board

Hector Jaramillo, Glendale Elementary School District