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Healthcare Rising Arizona Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Ruling


8/21/2020 – (Phoenix) Healthcare Rising Arizona spokesperson Rodd McLeod released the following statement regarding today’s Arizona Supreme Court decision:

“This decision sends a message that heavily funded corporate opponents can use dirty tricks to make it nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to exercise their basic constitutional rights. The court has demonstrated more empathy for millionaire CEOs than for the difficulties that Arizona families face every day. We the people want to ban discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. We the people want to put an end to expensive surprise bills and to reduce hospital infections. We the people submitted over 430,000 signatures to put our measure on the ballot; state and county officials have found 285,000 of them to be valid, tens of thousands more than needed to qualify. Healthcare Rising Arizona will continue our fight to improve healthcare for everyone and to pay hospital workers fairly for their heroic work.”