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Helping Arizona Families with Medical Debt

Proposition 209: What you need to know about the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act

No Arizona family should lose their home or car due to medical emergencies or accidents, or be trapped into unending debt by unfair interest rates on medical care. Prop 209 protects consumers from predatory debt collection by:

  • Increasing the protected value of people’s primary home to better match Arizona’s median home value
  • Increasing the allowed value of protected household goods and bank accounts
  • Increasing the protected value of vehicles
  • Limiting wage garnishment for debt to no more than 10% of disposable earnings
  • Limiting the interest rate on medical debt to no more than 3%

About Our Proposition

Too many Arizona families are suffering because of emergency medical debt and predatory debt collection practices. We can change that.

Our Partnership With RIP Medical Debt

In July, we turned in a record number of signatures to qualify for the ballot. And in partnership with RIP Medical Debt, we committed to erasing medical debt for every signature collected by our volunteer leaders. In total, we were able to eliminate $3.5 million in existing, unpayable medical debt for struggling Arizona families.

Our Endorsers

Want to help protect Arizona families from predatory debt collection?

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Together we collected the most signatures in Arizona history to protect hardworking Arizonans from losing their cars, homes and wages due to unfair medical debt — but our journey has only just begun. Will you join us and pledge to PASS Proposition 209 and PROTECT Arizona’s ballot initiative process?

PASS Prop 209 to protect more hardworking Arizonans from losing their cars, homes, and wages due to unfair medical debt.

PROTECT our ballot initiative process so ordinary Arizonans like us can fix the healthcare problems in our state.