Every Signature Gathered by Volunteers Relieves $100 in Un-Payable Medical Debt for Arizonans

Sign up below to become a volunteer petition circulator for Healthcare Rising Arizona. Every signature brings us one step closer to putting the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act on the ballot next November. Additionally, for every valid signature you gather, we will make a donation to RIP Medical Debt that will relieve $100 in un-payable medical debt for Arizona patients.

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Healthcare Rising Arizona is a contributor-led organization that empowers Arizonans to fix the state’s broken healthcare system. That’s why we’re gathering signatures from registered Arizona voters for the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act. This ballot initiative will help Arizonans by protecting more assets from being sold to pay off debt collectors, ensuring hard-working Arizonans keep more of their bank accounts and wages, and limiting the outrageous interest rates that trap families in an unending cycle of debt.

RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit that has eradicated $4,979,736,682 in medical debts so far, providing financial relief for over 2,813,986 individuals and families. Founded in 2014 by two former debt collections executives, RIP Medical Debt’s mission is to end medical debt, which is why the organization is partnering with Healthcare Rising Arizona.

You can relieve $1,000 worth of un-payable medical debt by gathering just 10 signatures from friends, family, or any registered Arizona voter. If you can gather 100 signatures, Healthcare Rising Arizona will pay off $10,000 worth of medical debt for Arizonans.