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NEW VIDEO: Healthcare Rising Arizona announces ballot measure to protect Arizona families from predatory debt collectors


[Phoenix] – Today, Healthcare Rising Arizona released a new video making the case for passing the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act.

The video, which can be seen here, explains that “more than one in six Arizonans has past due medical debt, a leading cause of bankruptcy in America. The Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act fixes the law in Arizona so debt collectors can’t destroy lives. It protects more of your property and paycheck and limits the interest rate you can be charged on medical debt. …

‘It’s common sense reform that’s long overdue.’



Healthcare Rising Arizona has begun the work of collecting the more than 237,000 valid signatures which are required to put the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act on the 2022 ballot. Arizonans interested in joining the campaign can sign up at or by calling (602) 354-8829. 


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