Healthcare Affects Every Arizona Community. Healthcare Rising Hubs Are Where Change Begins.



It’s our healthcare system. It should work for us. Let’s fix it.

At Healthcare Rising Arizona we believe that people matter and that bringing people together who share a common experience can lead to great things. Power resides in neighborhoods.

That’s why we’re launching Healthcare Rising Hubs across the state.

What is a Healthcare Rising Hub?

A Healthcare Rising Hub is where family, friends, and neighbors share stories, discuss ideas, and plan to get things done. The journey to fix our healthcare system begins here.

Hubs are hosted by Healthcare Rising members. These Hub Hosts invite you into their home, their garage, or their backyard. They meet you at the park, at the community center, or at the farmer’s market. And their job is simple: To make it as easy as possible for you to make a difference.

Janet Hamlin launches her Healthcare Hub in Tempe.

Bertha Tenchtli’s Healthcare Hub in Glendale.

Kevin Potter’s small business, Potter USA, located in Tucson, is open as a Healthcare Hub.

Felícitas Casita de Lucha (Healthcare Hub) in Phoenix.

Liana West’s Healthcare Hub in Mesa.

Jessica Kazandijian’s Hub in Tucson.

Lisa Olsen shows folks how to sign the petition at her Healthcare Hub in Mesa.

Crystal turned her Phoenix home into a Healthcare Hub.

Want to sign or circulate a petition? Go to a Hub. Want to become a member? Go to a Hub. Want to meet and interact with other people fighting for change? Go to a Hub.

What is happening at Healthcare Rising Hubs right now?

Arizonans are taking action!

It goes without saying that predatory debt collection is bad. But do you know how bad it is?

  • 18% of Arizonans have medical bills that are past due
  • Medical debt collectors can jack up interest rates 10% per year, every year
  • Collection agencies can sue to take someone’s car, home, or garnish their wages

Healthcare Rising Arizona has filed a ballot initiative to combat this called The Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act, which:

  • Protects more assets from being sold to pay off debt collectors
  • Ensures consumers keep more of their bank accounts and wages
  • Limits the outrageous interest rates that trap families in an unending cycle of debt

So when you go to a Healthcare Rising Hub today you’ll find everything you need to help pass the Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act: petitions to sign or circulate, training materials, clipboards, pens, sanitizer, water bottles, and information to get this initiative qualified.

And, most importantly, you’ll find like-minded people who want to create change.

Arizonans deserve the highest standard of health and living. Patients, consumers, and caregivers can work together to get what they deserve. Join us. Rise for healthcare. Visit your nearest Healthcare Rising Hub today!